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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality Experts

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In 2014, the Lancet Respiratory Medicine Commission issued a report noting that indoor air pollution contributed to over 3.5 million household deaths that year. The research notes that even something like household pollen can raise a person’s chances of contracting respiratory tract infections, thereby compromising their general health.

Do You Need Whole-House Air Cleaning?

The whole-house air cleaning process draws unwanted debris—dander, skin flakes, dust, and more—out of your air. This filtering process prevents dangerous run-off from impacting your family’s health.

There are three types of highly efficient air cleaners our team can install throughout your home to help with the air cleaning process. These include:

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If you’re interested in whole-house air cleaning or alternative air quality solutions, you’re in luck. The Air Kings Heating And Cooling team can easily install air cleaners—media, electronic, or HEPA—throughout your home. We integrate these cleaners into your HVAC system, running them throughout your ducts to ensure whole-home access.

Don’t let poor air quality in your home reduce your quality of life. Reach out to the Air Kings Heating And Cooling representative to schedule your installation consultation. Our experts can provide you with a free estimate on the services of your choice.